Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yes I bought a Kilt

I have always marched to the beat of my own drum. Only it's not a drum at all, rather it's a late 80's air guitar. So it wasn't that big of a deal to me when I desided to buy a kilt. I started looking online for a kilt and finally settled on a Black Watch tartan, made by Sport Kilt, complete with all the bells and whistles. I ordered the kilt not thinking much about it, because it seemed perfectly me. A day or so later I told Kristi and the neighbors that I had ordered a kilt. Their reactions were a unanimous "O'no you didn't." This gave me a bit of pause. Was I really going to wear a kilt? A few days later the door bell rang and I knew (because I had been tracking the shipment online) that it was the kilt; correction my kilt. I ran to the door and nearly pulled it off the hinges before I remembered that it was locked. I most likely resembled a 6 year old on Christmas morning as I opened the package. I dropped trow in the middle of the kitchen and put on the kilt. Even the fact that it was a bit tight (because kilts don't come in paint sizes) could not dampen my joy. As I wore the unbifurcated garment around the house and enjoyed the freedom that came along with it, I was more happy than ever with my purchase. I was so happy that I have in fact ordered another kilt for more casual events.

Several days later I spend some time with a few dear friends at the lake. I was excited to tell them all about my new purchase. Well, as you can imagine they were confused, and asked me where was I going to wear a kilt. To which I responded where am I not going to wear a kilt? Then they asked what possessed me to buy a kilt. To which I explained, besides the fact that they are awesome, that's just the way I roll. Most of the conversation consisted of them asking me questions in amazement that I had bought a kilt. Their reactions have reaffirmed my commitment to wearing a kilt.

So, yes I bought a kilt. Why? Not because I have both Scottish and Irish blood running through my veins, but because they make more since than paints, and they look really cool. I mean, who decided that it would be a good idea for the sex with external pluming to wear bifurcated garments sown together in the crouch?? I guess this is yet another time where I am destined to walk my on path. Because what seems perfectly normal to me, does not always fall in to the nice square box of the social norm. So long live the unbifurcated garment revolution, and let freedom swing.